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    Steven my buddy uses the Dakota's extreme Mallards and to look good it's a automatic head change every year.
    Now he hunts 6 days a week but he picks

    has anyone tried the new tangle free fully flocked floaters yet

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    I hope you don't have internet while your in Canada.

    How much longer???

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    MoMo/Ernesto Countdown:

    dove season OPEN!!!
    teal season CLOSED! (Piss poor this year)
    archery season OPEN!!! (Missed one last

    How much longer???

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    The sad thing is if this trend doesn't stop in the NFL from the fans putting up a fuss.
    It will spread to college ball next.
    The Media is


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    games are getting harder and harder to watch!! Need a first down... throw the ball down the field and your %80 to get a pass interence call!!! Cant


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  • Welcome to Waterfowl Talk...

    by Published on 07-23-2014 09:54 AM
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    The best part of a duck hunt, is getting those orange feet extended right in front of my hide! Getting ducks close ...

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